“Sharing what we’ve learnt is at the heart of how we work.”

Listening well is at the heart of living better

It changes how you are with others and in the world.


Listening makes people feel valued and that they belong

They feel heard and seen.

Listening generates trust

It helps to build robust, courageous teams and organisations, enabling them to create outstanding results.

Listening enables creative responses to difficult stuff

Listening is the key to group problem-solving, to drawing on others’ expertise and finding solutions that outstrip any that an individual could produce. It is an essential foundation for harnessing diversity.

Good listening is an essential component of organisational change

Leaders need to communicate a vision and listen to feedback.

Listening is simple but far from easy

It is a natural skill and way of operating. But it can be lost if it underused or undervalued. It needs to be honed and developed if it is to be good enough for today’s challenges.


Listening is hard because of the pace and intensity of business

Listening requires space, time, clear intention, attention, quietness and stillness. All of these are in short supply in most working environments, and lives.

Listening is hard because of individual preferences, relational factors and systems, as well as environmental factors

Individual habits, assumptions, patterns of thoughts, fears and needs get in the way. The challenges increase when we listen to people with different preferences and ways of listening. Many businesses also make listening systemically difficult.

Getting better at listening depends on commitment and intention

It involves behaviour change as well skill acquisition. It rests on deep self-awareness and on-going work. This means unlearning some habits and ways of viewing the world. Everyone can do that if they commit.

You can become a good listener if you unleash your listening

It involves high quality attention, deep curiosity, listening with all your senses, and with your felt response and intuition. Great listeners don’t do listening, they are the listener.

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“Being heard is so close to being loved that for
the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.”

David Augsburger

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