Good listening
is the heart of effective leadership

“Listening well is a simple thing.  And it’s a life’s work.  It’s a natural ability bolstered by some practical techniques applied consistently.  And it’s a philosophy of how to live and work with others. It’s the basis of understanding another person.  And it’s the heart of collaboration, creativity and dialogue.  Good listening is both familiar and an enigma.”

Stephen Burt

Listening Edge™

Listening may be the most neglected leadership skill and it is crucial to success. Our research indicates that if you listen well you make better decisions – unleashing & exploring your Listening Edge transforms your effectiveness in work and throughout your world.

Finding time to listen is hard, full stop.  And it’s made harder because of:


  • The pace of work
  • Dispersed team in different offices, cities and continents
  • Listening is rarely taught
  • It requires energy, concentration, commitment and discipline
  • There’s lots of other stuff competing for our attention


After working with us, our clients consistently tell us about their increased ability to manage multiple tasks, innovate and embrace change.

They also tell us about the following benefits:


  • Effective decision making in fast-paced environments
  • Greater trust with colleagues and clients
  • Stronger relationships and team effectiveness
  • Innovation and creativity – all voices are heard
  • Increased collaboration between individuals and teams
  • More things get done
  • Shorter, impactful meetings
  • Increased respect & confidence in each other
  • Fun, people bring more of themselves into work


We start where you are as a listener.  Like any good partner we seek to understand your environment, challenges and goals first.  We help you quickly find your Listening Edge

Listening is often seen as a purely individual activity and yet it takes place within an organisational culture. We know that in order for a true listening shift to happen a system must change too,  whether at a team and/or organisational level.  We therefore keep an eye on how listening happens within your system.

From two hours to two days. From face-to-face to online.  We will mould our delivery to meet your goals and spark your Listening EdgeWhether you are an individual, a team or an organisation, we enable you to explore your strengths and weaknesses and get clear on how to improve.

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“Being heard is so close to being loved that for
the average person, they are almost indistinguishable.”

David Augsburger

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